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How to Start Your Blog – Useful Tips

People have become very interested in starting their own blogs for various reasons: some will want to advertise for their business. others will want to have a way to discuss over a topic that is of their interest. others just do it for fun as a way to display their memories and traveling impressions for […]

How SEO Web Hosting Can Boost Page Rank

Two very important terms that you’ll hear as a site owner are web hosting and SEO. At first glance these two terms might not seem to have much to do with your site’s success but the fact of the matter is that they are the essential elements to any successful website. The question that begs […]

3 Ways Social Media Impact SEO

A lot of local businesses have successfully used local SEO to get more leads and revenue for their businesses. In their bid to rank higher and get more they sometimes leave out a crucial piece of the puzzle which is social media. The number of shares, likes and follows on a site will impact rankings […]

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