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Auto Blogging Basics

Auto-blogging is a way to automatically generate content for a blog. Keeping up with blogs takes a lot of time. A good blog will have new and interesting content provided each day. Most bloggers have a busy work schedule and don’t have the time to continually add new content. It is also hard to generate fresh ideas about which to write. So, instead of blog owners writing their own content or gathering articles themselves, they automate the process and have content automatically delivered to their blogs. This can help bloggers increase the number of blogs they manage and allow them to maximize their earning potential.

A popular method of auto-blogging involves the use of RSS feeds from news sites, blog listings, data feeds from affiliate networks, and high page rank (PR) sites Because auto-bloggers usually maintain a number of blogs, they need a hosting server capable of handling all the accounts and domains. Also needed is a blogging platform. Word Press is a good choice. If RSS feeds are being used, an RSS feed aggregator is imperative. It is possible to get plug-ins for WordPress such as AutoBlogged, WP Mixer, and WP-O-Mati that will do this task. Other good choices are News Crawler, Feed Demon, and Google Reader. The aggregators are able to go out, sift through predetermined content from various online sources, and post them on the blogs. Once the plug-ins are set up, it is possible to have text articles and You Tube videos automatically added to your site on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. As the plug-ins run, they automatically generate tags and, based on the tags chosen, related articles will be interlinked.

Most of the traffic for your blog will be generated from the Nog’s topic, the keywords set up, and how well the blog is optimized for search engines. There are several WordPress plug-ins that will help get your site noticed, help with rankings, and get more links to the site. Three of these plug-ins are All in One SEO Pack, XML Sitemaps, and Twitter Poster. After the auto-blogging is set up, it is worthwhile to add additional plug-ins to social bookmarking sites Sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google Bookmarks will then automatically bookmark your articles whenever new ones are published, generating more traffic to the blog. It is also good to have a language translator script installed on the auto-blog to increase traffic.

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