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How SEO Web Hosting Can Boost Page Rank

Two very important terms that you’ll hear as a site owner are web hosting and SEO. At first glance these two terms might not seem to have much to do with your site’s success but the fact of the matter is that they are the essential elements to any successful website. The question that begs to be asked is, how are SEO and web hosting related? This article will seek to answer that question and take a look at SEO site hosting.

SEO minded consumers look to SEO web hosting to give them a competitive edge in the search engines. Google’s new algorithms all but eliminated old school methods of site optimization. These questionable tactics included the use of link farms and spamming the web in order to increase traffic and boost the website’s position in the SERPs. In the case of link farms the search engines were able to identify them because they were using the same IP address range.

Today when search engines detect these patterns the sites that use these link farms won’t be rewarded as other sites that acquire links from unrelated and independent sources. This is where SEO web hosting becomes important. It gives site owners a hosting plan that has multiple class C IP addresses assigned so that search engines see them as independent of one another.

Website owners can then create a network of valuable web properties by adding content and using approved techniques to increase page rank and traffic from the search engines. Once this is achieved they can then interlink the sites and create high quality backlinks to their main site.

The quality and quantity of a site’s backlink determines its pagerank and SEO web hosting helps with this by facilitating the formation of a network of class C IP address blocks that are completely unrelated sending links and traffic back to a main site. The best part is that it takes away the possibility of red flags from search engines.

While SEO web hosting in theory should work it is not as simple as that. The sites from which the backlinks originate should have lots of high quality content that is relevant to the main site that receives the benefit of the backlink. This means that the backlink sites themselves would be valuable in their own right having accumulated content, traffic and rank.

SEO web hosting might seem attractive to all but should only be considered if you have some experience with managing websites or have someone with experience managing it for you. There is a lot of planning that must go into setting up a network like this but the rewards will be a quality network of sites and unbeatable rankings in the SERPs.

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