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3 Ways Social Media Impact SEO

A lot of local businesses have successfully used local SEO to get more leads and revenue for their businesses. In their bid to rank higher and get more they sometimes leave out a crucial piece of the puzzle which is social media. The number of shares, likes and follows on a site will impact rankings and this is something that business owners need to be aware of.

First off whenever you search the results presented to you are based on relevance, freshness and popularity. The search engines will give you results based on your local area if applicable (relevance), they also have a habit of providing the freshest news first (freshness) and the items that have been shared the most usually get to the top (popularity).

Nowadays one cannot go without the other so if you’re still not convinced that social media does indeed impact SEO here are 3 ways that it does.

3 ways social media impact SEO

Business owners have to be relevant with social media

With social media companies must be transparent. Since followers can easily un-follow or remove their updates in an instant a lot more thought has to be given to what is being said through social media. They become relevant by tuning into customers’ needs and closely following changing trends. This must happen on social media profiles as well as on their websites. The result is a huge boast in SEO.

Business owners have to say more with social media

Social media is a never ending cycle that needs fresh content on a daily basis. With blogs, companies can communicate directly to their customers but social media give customers a real way to talk back. It brings customers in the forefront so company owners will know what’s going on.

Business owners have to engage their audience with social media

The days of massive spammy link building campaigns are gone. Now companies have to find eligible and non-controversial ways to build their backlinks. Social media is perhaps the best way to do this. Once people love your content they’ll share it with their friends. Engage their interest and they’ll vote for you. In the end the power is in their hands. They get to determine who’s popular or not.

There’s no getting around social media and without it SEO won’t be as effective. Reevaluate your strategy if you have not as yet found a way to incorporate social media. If you’re at a loss you might need to hire a consultant to get started. Believe me when I say that it will be the best money you’ll ever spend.

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