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Get More User Generated Content To Your Site

Keeping your site up to date with fresh new content can be costly or quite a chore if you have to do it yourself. This is one reason why many popular sites rely heavily on user generated content. This type of content is generated from the users who visit your site. They come in the form of reviews, comments and forum posts.

One of the greatest benefits of user generated content is that there will be an increase in user engagement. People who are free to express their opinions without friction tend to stay around longer. They also like hearing what others have to say.

There are other benefits of user generated content as well. These include more effective SEO and marketing of your brand. Consumers trust reviews more than they would trust any claims that you make and fresh content always has a positive effect on SEO. Here are some ways to get user generated content to your blog.

Get Your Audience To Blog For You

Give user engagement a boost and gain more recognition for your brand by getting users to blog for you. Getting users to write for you is a great way to increase engagement and build a community around your brand.

Reach out to your top commenters and ask them to write a post or make a call for guest posters. You could have a specific day or two or three every week where you feature guest writers. You can also do a weekly roundup where you link out to some interesting posts around the web.

Sometimes All You Need Is A Picture

Pictures speak volumes and you can post pictures of people using your products to capture your audience attention. You can also ask readers to submit their own pictures so that the content comes directly from them. People love pictures and sometimes a well-placed picture is all your readers need to take action.

Don’t Rule Out Video

Today the popularity of video on the web is evidenced by the amount of traffic that sites like YouTube receives on a daily basis. People love shooting videos and using any of the readily available video editing software. Get your readers to submit videos of your product in use. You can have a contest which will give you weeks of content if you’re lucky.

Ask For Feedback

Ask your site visitors to leave feedback on your product or service. They will be more than happy to do so whether it is good or bad. Be prepared to moderate comments because people will be really candid. Feedback will give you tons of user generated content but will also give you a glimpse into what your customers are thinking and feeling.

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